Total Wellness for Men

Jun 16, 2022 | 2022, Health and Wellness

June is Men’s Health Month—a time to raise awareness of the health issues men face. From diet and exercise to preventive care, supporting total wellness may help men to live longer, healthier lives doing the things they enjoy. For many men, daily responsibilities and perhaps a stigma attached to seeking medical care can sometimes make it difficult to see a doctor regularly. In fact, studies show that men tend to skip routine checkups or delay medical care more than women, even when they are sick or injured. This can be problematic because men are also more likely to participate in risky lifestyle behaviors like smoking and drinking, which can contribute to developing heart disease, the leading cause of death for men in the U.S. in 2020.

Members can take charge of their total wellness by living a healthy lifestyle and scheduling routine and preventive care exams for the early detection of health issues.

General Health
Most men know the basics of living a healthy lifestyle, like eating a nutritious diet, exercising, and getting plenty of rest. As men age and life becomes busier, some healthy habits can fall by the wayside. To help stay on track, a primary care physician can offer health management strategies and connect members with resources like health coaching or disease management for making positive changes. Members can access resources for managing health, including a library of webinars and tip sheets, at no cost by visiting

Routine and Preventive Care
While young men might feel less of a need to see a doctor regularly, after age 30 there is a greater risk of developing health issues. Even when feeling healthy, routine checkups and preventive care exams are important for early detection. Some men may experience few or no symptoms when a disease is in its earliest stages when it may be easiest to treat for a better outcome. Preventive care services, including but not limited to preventive care screenings, exams, and immunizations, are covered at no cost share for members. Refer to our health maintenance guidelines for many of the latest U.S. Preventive Services Task Force recommendations for people of all ages.

Mental Health
For total wellness, caring for mental health is just as important as caring for physical health. When feelings of stress, anxiety, and depression linger or substance use becomes excessive, it can have negative effects on motivation, eating and sleeping habits, relationships, and general health. It’s important to make time for self-care and to seek help when needed. Members may self-refer to a participating behavioral health provider for confidential, in-person or virtual office visits through U.S. Behavioral Health Plan, California by calling 855-202-0984 or visiting

Preconception Health
Beneficial for both women and men, preconception healthcare can help to promote total wellness and improve the future likelihood of having a healthy baby for those who feel ready. This may include screening for sexually transmitted diseases, physical assessments, risk screenings, immunizations, and counseling, all covered at no cost share when considered preventive care. Members should talk with a clinician about what is best for them.

Convenient Ways to Access Care
Sutter Health Plus offers a variety of quick and convenient ways for members to access care, including:

  • Virtual visits – Access care from a Sutter clinician by phone, computer, or mobile device through My Health Online
  • Health Coaching Program – Personalized, one-on-one health coaching by phone for weight management, stress management, and tobacco cessation at no cost; call 844-987-6095 to learn more and enroll
  • Sutter Walk-In Care Nearby locations open daily from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. offering same-day care for everyday health needs
  • Mail Service Pharmacy – Prescriptions delivered right to a member’s doorstep through CVS Caremark®