Signing up for Mail Order Pharmacy

Jan 21, 2020 | 2020, Access, Innovation

Nearly one in four Sutter Health Plus member prescriptions filled are for maintenance drugs—prescriptions for ongoing conditions such as asthma, diabetes, high blood pressure, or high cholesterol. Members can skip the trip to the pharmacy to pick up maintenance drug prescriptions by signing up for mail order pharmacy through Express Scripts®.

With convenient mail order pharmacy, members can fill up to a 100-day supply, as their benefit plan allows, of maintenance prescription drugs for two times the 30-day retail cost share, after an applicable deductible, with free standard shipping.

Mail order pharmacy may also help members save money. For members or families with multiple eligible prescriptions, mail order could result in a significant annual savings.

Savings Example*

Sample pharmacy copay table

* Savings may vary based on specific plan design

Three Ways to Sign up
First, members should confirm their provider has prescribed the maximum days’ supply (not a 30­day supply), plus refills for up to one year, if appropriate. Next, sign up for mail order pharmacy online, by mail or over the phone.


  1. Visit or download the Express Scripts mobile app.
  2. Create an account with a mailing address and payment information.
  3. Ask a provider to submit prescription(s) to Express Scripts.

By Mail

  1. Download the Express Scripts Home Delivery Order Form.
  2. Ask a provider to submit prescription(s) to Express Scripts.
  3. Mail the completed form with eligible prescription(s) information.

Over the Phone

  1. Call Express Scripts at 877-787-8661 to create an account.
  2. Ask a provider to submit prescription(s) to Express Scripts, or ask Express Scripts to request the prescription(s) from a provider.

Once mail order pharmacy is set up and Express Scripts receives a prescription, the first order is automatically mailed and will arrive within seven to eleven days, with the option to set up automatic refills for many prescriptions thereafter. A member’s current eligible prescription(s) with a retail pharmacy can also be transferred to mail order pharmacy either online or by phone.

Mail order pharmacy is safe, reliable, cost-effective, and convenient. For assistance with signing up or transferring a prescription, please contact Express Scripts at 877-787-8661.