Scheduling a Video Visit in Three Easy Steps

Apr 29, 2020 | 2020, Access, Digital Health, Innovation

The way people receive routine healthcare is rapidly shifting, thanks to the availability of convenient telehealth options. For everyday health needs, many doctors, nurses and certified clinicians are able to provide care for a wide range of services and conditions through video visits.

Sutter Health Plus members have access to video visits with select providers or licensed health care clinicians through My Health Online. This virtual care option is for non-urgent, common illnesses, such as allergies, sore throats and fevers—now at no cost-share for covered services through Dec. 31, 2020*. Video visits, in lieu of in-person appointments, helps minimize the spread of infection.

Video visits are available to schedule from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., seven days a week, including most holidays. Parents may schedule a video visit for their child, 18 months and older, if they have proxy access to their child’s My Health Online account.

How does a video visit work?
Video visits allow members to see, hear and talk with a clinician as they would in an in-person visit from anywhere in California. Clinicians are able to diagnose, treat and prescribe medications as necessary during the virtual visit. Clinicians may also direct a member to a more appropriate level of care, such as urgent care.

Schedule a video visit in three easy steps:

  1. Log into My Health Online or download and launch the mobile app for iPhone or Android.
  2. Select the time that works for you and confirm booking.
  3. Select the Schedule Video Visit icon and answer a few questions about your symptoms.

Fifteen minutes before the appointment time, a button will appear in My Health Online to Begin Visit or Launch Video. Simply tap or click on the button to start the video visit.

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*As of Jan. 1, 2020, video visits will be available at the same cost-share as a primary care physician visit. Refer to the Sutter Health Plus combined Evidence of Coverage and Disclosure Form and Benefits and Coverage Matrix to determine coverage and costs.