Scheduling a Mental Wellness Visit

May 2, 2022 | 2022, Access, Mental Health

As we settle into the routines of our work and personal lives in this new normal, the day-to-day can sometimes seem repetitive. If left unmanaged, feelings of uncertainty, lack of motivation, or boredom can build up and lead to a sense of melancholy and a potential risk for depression. Sometimes, just talking with someone can help to put things into perspective.

It’s important to know that Sutter Health Plus members can schedule a secure, confidential in-person or virtual visit with a participating behavioral health provider through U.S. Behavioral Health Plan, California (USBHPC), doing business as Optum Health Behavioral Solutions of California, anytime without a referral. This includes access to mental health and substance use disorder treatment services. Members can reach out for support by following the steps below.

Finding a Provider and Scheduling a Visit:

  • Use this provider search tool from to find a provider by name, keyword, or ZIP code. When results appear, it is helpful to select the “Accepting New Patients” option and filter by distance, gender, virtual or in-person visits, area of expertise, and any other relevant filters. Use the “Express Access Provider” filter to find a provider who offers routine appointments within five business days.
  • Select a provider from the results and click “schedule appointment” or follow the instructions provided to get started. Depending on provider, members may be guided through completing the scheduling process.
  • If prompted to provide the health insurance plan, select OptumHealth Behavioral Solutions and enter member details. Members may also be asked to provide billing and payment information and upload supporting documents.
  • When prompted, select the appointment type and date. A confirmation email will be sent once an appointment has been scheduled.

If no confirmation email is received, members may want to call the provider’s office to confirm that the provider is accepting new patients and accepts OptumHealth Behavioral Solutions through USBHPC. For 24/7 assistance scheduling a visit or for confidential help, members can call USBHPC at 855-202-0984. There is also a 24/7 substance use helpline at 855-780-5955.

Exploring Care Options
Online assistance is available for members who would like to understand more about their behavioral health benefits or need guidance for finding the right type of care. Visit and select “Find Care” at the top of the page, then “Explore Care Options.” From here members can access in-depth information about their benefits. They can also choose to walkthrough a brief questionnaire to discover care recommendations, such as counseling, mental wellness mobile apps, or helpful video courses. For a deeper dive into understanding what to expect during visits and different provider types, visit the Explore Therapy page.

Online Tools Available 24/7
In addition to scheduling a mental wellness visit, a variety of materials, self-assessment tools, articles, and informational videos are available anytime at Helpful topics include parenting and caretaking, managing relationships, handling unexpected financial stress, and assisting a child or other loved one experiencing a mental health issue.

Members also have premium access to Sanvello—a top-rated app to help manage stress, anxiety, and depression 24/7—at no extra cost through USBHPC. Completely confidential, the Sanvello app offers on-demand help for self-care, setting goals, and connecting with community. Download free from the App Store or Google Play.

To learn more, members can visit, refer to the Mental Health and Substance Use Disorder Services section of their Evidence of Coverage and Disclosure Form, or contact USBHPC at 855-202-0984.