Pharmacy Benefits: More than Just Prescription Coverage

Sutter Health Plus partners with Express Scripts® for prescription drug benefits, including retail, mail order and specialty prescriptions. As the largest independent manager of pharmacy benefits in the United States, members have access to more than just prescription drug coverage.

The Express Scripts website offers members tools and support, from an “Ask the Specialist Pharmacist” feature to a robust resource center. For those on-the-go, members can download the app to conveniently track prescriptions, check an order status and even set up dose reminders. Available 24/7 on mobile or desktop, members can:

  • Order refills and schedule delivery
  • Talk with a pharmacist
  • Check prescription drug pricing
  • Find a nearby network pharmacy
  • Obtain the latest drug information

There’s an opportunity for cost savings, too. Last year, 23 percent of member prescriptions were for maintenance drugs. “The most efficient way to fill prescriptions for long-term or chronic conditions is through the Express Scripts mail order service,” said Sutter Health Plus Pharmacy Manager Patrick Robinson, RPh, MBA. “Members can fill up to a 100-day supply, as their benefit plan allows, of maintenance prescription drugs for the cost of two retail copays with free standard shipping,” he continued.

With the Express Scripts Smart90® program, members also have the option to pick up a 90-day supply of maintenance prescription drugs at a participating retail pharmacy. While members still pay three copays for a 90-day supply, Smart90 may reduce trips to the pharmacy.

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