Caring for Mental Wellness with Sanvello

Aug 24, 2022 | 2022, Access, Mental Health

It’s a part of human nature to experience a mix of emotions—from highs to lows—throughout the day. We enjoy moments in life that generate positive feelings, such as a warm embrace, a magnificent sunset, or perhaps crossing a finish line. Experiences that may cause negative feelings, including fear or sadness, are also normal. However, if ignored, these negative feelings can build up and lead to depression, anxiety, or unhealthy behaviors like excessive eating, increased substance use, and poor relationship management. This is why checking in on your feelings and caring for your mental wellness—even for a few minutes a day—is essential to overall health.

One way to support mental well-being is by using Sanvello—a top-rated app that offers on-demand clinically proven techniques to manage symptoms of stress, anxiety, and depression as they happen. Sutter Health Plus members have premium access to Sanvello at no extra cost as part of their behavioral health care benefits through U.S. Behavioral Health Plan, California (USBHPC).

Using the premium version of Sanvello, members can access an expansive selection of tools and features, including:

Unlimited Mood Tracking – How are you today? By answering a few simple questions in the Sanvello app throughout the week to assess mood and track activities like caffeine intake, sleep, and exercise, members can identify patterns in their behavior to make positive lifestyle changes. They can also create progress assessments using past mood and health ratings to discover new connections between their experiences and emotions.

Guided Journeys – Through a series of step-by-step lessons based on cognitive behavioral therapy and other clinically proven techniques, members can build long-term life skills, gain insights into their behaviors, identify negative thought patterns, and set goals to help manage their emotions.

Coping Tools – A full library of mindfulness meditation activities is available to help members manage stressful situations, relax, and just be in the moment. Journaling tools are available to help reflect, set goals, monitor progress, and discover new insights. Thought-reframing exercises can help link life events with emotional responses and adding inspirational images and quotes to a hope board can help boost mood.

Peer and Community Support – Participants don’t need to feel alone. Access a safe, judgment-free space where a vibrant community of users support one another, find encouragement, and share their stories and strategies.

Members get premium access to Sanvello by following these steps:

  • Download the free Sanvello app from the App Store or Google Play
  • Open the app and create an account
  • When prompted to explore Sanvello Premium, tap the “Check Coverage” button; verify your email and return to Sanvello, then tap “Check Coverage” again
  • Search for Sutter Health Plus and enter your member ID number found on your Member ID card or on the Member Portal, and personal details
  • Tap “upgrade” and start your journey to feeling better

More Ways to Get Support
In addition to Sanvello, members may self-refer to schedule confidential in-person or virtual visits with a participating behavioral health provider through USBHPC by calling 855-202-0984. A variety of mental wellness resources are also available 24/7 at, including a provider locator tool, articles, self-assessment tools, and informational videos. Topics include parenting and caretaking, managing relationships, substance use, handling unexpected financial stress, and assisting a child or other loved one experiencing a mental health issue.

To learn more, members can refer to the Mental Health and Substance Use Disorder Services section of their Evidence of Coverage and Disclosure Form, contact USBHPC at 855-202-0984, or visit