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Walgreens Specialty Pharmacy Provides Outstanding Service to Sutter Health Plus Members

Posted by on Apr 18, 2017 in Access, Affordability

Walgreens pharmacist Mike Cuellar photographed Tuesday, Feburary 28, 2017 in Sacramento.

A member called the Sutter Health Plus Pharmacy Department requesting a specialty pharmacy opt-out. He needed a 24-hour pharmacy within walking distance to accommodate his work hours and lack of transportation. The member didn’t want the medications shipped to his home, due to privacy concerns.

However, the nearest Walgreens wasn’t a 24-hour pharmacy. That didn’t stop Michael Cuellar, Pharm.D manager, Walgreens Specialty Pharmacy, from taking time to hear the member’s concern and come up with a plan to accommodate him. The pharmacist arranged to meet the member 30 minutes before the store was scheduled to open once per month, so he could pick up his medications during his walk to work.

“What began as a difficult situation has blossomed into a great relationship,” Michael says. “The patient has built relationships with staff and we’re able to address his needs without issue. He no longer requests that we open early, but we always check in with him to make sure he has access to his specialty medications. He has since transferred all his prescriptions to our site so we may better monitor his care.”

“This is one-of-a-kind care that’s in line with the Sutter Health Plus philosophy,” says Sutter Health Plus Pharmacy Technician Jamie Hashimoto. “We’re grateful for our partnership and the great care Walgreens takes of our members.”