New 2023 Large Group Plans Centered on Convenience, Affordability

Jun 8, 2022 | 2022, Access, Affordability, Network

Sutter Health Plus is pleased to announce important changes to its large group plans that will promote convenience and lower costs for members. Effective January 1, 2023, new plan designs will offer members access to care through telehealth—including mental health and substance use disorder telehealth office visits—or Sutter Walk-In Care at half the cost share than that of the traditional in-person office visits.*

“Recently, we’ve seen a significant shift in how people prefer to access care—the days of driving through traffic, dealing with parking, and paying the high cost of gas just to get to a routine appointment is no longer the norm,” says Rob Carnaroli, Sutter Health Plus vice president of Sales. “We’re making changes in our plan designs to support members who prefer retail clinics and video visits to the traditional brick-and-mortar setting.”

With Sutter Health Plus, members have access to Sutter Walk-In Care, same-day quality care for common illnesses, health screenings, and immunizations. Members also have access to same-day video visits exclusively with Sutter clinicians through My Health Online (MHO). These network providers have the ability to use the Sutter Electronic Health Record to instantly review and share critical information with other Sutter clinicians allowing them to deliver highly coordinated care.

Additionally, many primary care physicians (PCPs), including pediatricians, offer video visits for routine health needs through MHO. Hours can vary by provider, and a video visit may not be available the same day. Members should check MHO to see if their PCP offers video visits. If their PCP does not participate in MHO, they should contact their PCP to find out if other virtual care options are offered.

Through the new 2023 large group plans, members who access care for a provider office visit through telehealth or Sutter Walk-In Care may enjoy a 50 percent cost savings, as compared to an in-office visit, depending on plan design. For example, members on Summit ML67 (Summit ML54 in 2022), a popular large group plan, will pay a $5 copay per visit for these services as compared to a $10 copay per in-person visit.

“Our new large group plan designs showcase our connection to Sutter and its high-quality provider network, making our health plan the obvious choice for employers and their workforce,” continues Carnaroli. “Reducing cost share for telehealth and Sutter Walk-In Care will help members receive affordable care, in the right setting, and at the right time.”

As soon as these changes are complete, Sutter Health Plus will make the 2023 Sutter Health Plus Product Portfolio available. For a new large group business proposal, please contact your Sutter Health Plus Account Executive:

Tammy Mendez
Large Employers
(916) 305-2765
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*Upon 2023 plan effective date; excludes members enrolled in individual and family, small group, or certain custom large group plans