Making Time for Men’s Health

Jun 17, 2021 | 2021, Access, Health and Wellness

Staying active, eating nutritious foods, and getting plenty of rest can help to live a healthy lifestyle. It is also important for men to make time for routine and preventive care to stay healthy and help detect and treat diseases early. According to a survey conducted for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, almost 15% of men are in fair or poor physical health (1). For some men, this may be due to lifestyle behaviors and a tendency to avoid medical care.

Make time for health by scheduling a yearly checkup and routine care. Sutter Health Plus covers a variety of preventive care services at no cost share for members, including but not limited to preventive care screenings and exams, preconception care, and immunizations.

Preventive Care
Preventive care screenings can detect serious conditions like heart disease, stroke, and certain cancers when they may be easier to treat. The Sutter Health Plus Health Maintenance Guidelines provides a list of many of the screenings and immunizations for people of all ages recommended by the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force. Members should talk to a provider about which preventive care services are right for them. These may include:

  • Blood pressure; annually depending on age and risk
  • Cholesterol; every five years starting at age 40
  • Colon cancer; every 10 years starting at age 45
  • Diabetes; discuss with a provider starting at age 18; screen every three years if overweight starting at age 40
  • Prostate cancer; discuss with a provider starting at age 55
  • Abdominal aortic aneurysm; once starting at age 65 for men who have ever smoked
  • Routine immunizations; check annually

Mental Health
According to the American Journal of Men’s Health, mental health among men often goes untreated because they are less likely to seek treatment than women (2). For men, talking about feelings of stress, anxiety, depression, or anger can carry a social stigma and some may turn to substance use instead of seeking care. In addition to physical health, it’s important to care for mental wellness and reach out for help when it’s needed.

Sutter Health Plus members can self-refer to a participating behavioral health provider for confidential, in-person, or virtual visits through U.S. Behavioral Health Plan, California (USBHPC). Visit or call 855-202-0984 to get started. For 24/7 digital access to daily mood tracking, coping tools, guided journeys, and clinical techniques, download Sanvello—the free app available for members through USBHPC from the App Store or Google Play.

Sutter Health Plus also offers a Health Coaching Program for stress management over the phone at no cost share for members. The program combines one-on-one life coaching with accountability to help members make healthier life choices and achieve their wellness goals. Enroll by calling 844-987-6095 or logging into the Sutter Health Plus Member Portal.

Preconception Health (It’s important for men too!)
Preconception healthcare for men includes steps taken to improve future chances of having a healthy baby and promote overall health. Lifestyle choices, like smoking, alcohol and substance use, and certain diseases, such as diabetes and sexually transmitted infections, can impact fertility and child health. Preconception healthcare, including physical assessments, risk screenings, immunizations, and counseling, can be covered at no cost share for members when it is considered preventive care. Members should talk with a provider about what is best for them at their next routine care appointment.

COVID-19 Vaccination
Eligible members are encouraged to schedule a COVID-19 vaccine appointment through My Health Online or by calling (844) 987-6115 Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. Sutter Health Plus covers COVID-19 vaccinations from both in and out-of-network providers at no cost share for members. Learn more at

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