Five Tips for Finding Work-Life Balance

Sometimes balancing work and making time for loved ones, self-care and the things you enjoy doing can seem challenging. Maintaining a healthy work-life balance—especially in difficult times—is essential to your overall mental wellness. Help alleviate stress and avoid burnout with these tips.

Acknowledge Your Feelings
Many people are finding their way in “the new normal,” which could mean working from home while caring for children, socializing virtually, or limiting or eliminating activities that bring joy. Take a moment to be honest with yourself and acknowledge when you are feeling sad or overwhelmed.

Prioritize and Manage Your Time
It may not be possible to complete everything on your to-do list in the timeframe you have in mind. Try to set realistic expectations for yourself, and on others. Focus on the most important tasks and projects first, and consider the rest optional for the time being. Checking off the most essential items can help provide a greater sense of accomplishment.

Unplug and Detach from Work
After your workday ends, give yourself permission to mentally leave thoughts or stress about work for the next business day. Shut down your work devices and allow yourself to embrace your free time—whether that’s spending time with family or loved ones, volunteering in the community, getting physical activity, or simply relaxing on the couch.

Take Time for Self-care
It is a simple concept—eating a healthy diet, exercising regularly, and getting plenty of rest helps to relieve stress. Try scheduling time throughout the week to remove distractions and nourish your body and mind. Self-care can help improve your focus and feel more balanced.

Consider Stress Management Coaching
Members have access to a stress management coaching program at no out-of-pocket cost. Participation is easy. Members work one-on-one with a trained, personal health coach to uncover barriers to self-management, link behavior to personal values, and set goals to make healthier lifestyle choices. For more information, call the coaching team at 866-961-8513 or visit the Health and Wellness site through the Member Portal.

Reach Out for Help
Need additional help finding work/life balance? Sutter Health Plus members can schedule a virtual visit with a participating behavioral health provider through U.S. Behavioral Health Services by calling 855-202-0984 or visiting The site also offers a variety of stress management articles, videos, tools, and resources. To support our members during this time, members have no cost share for telehealth, including telephone and video visits, for covered services from April 1 through December 31, 2020.

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