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10 Tips for Technology Use in Benefits

Posted by on Jan 24, 2017 in News, People

In this article published in the January 23, 2017 issue of BenefitsPRO, Sutter Health Plus Vice President of Sales Rob Carnaroli is quoted on the importance of making it easy for brokers to access information online. 

To maintain an edge in today’s market, keeping up with the latest technology innovations is key.

With the constant need to want answers faster and at the tip of our fingers, brokers and benefits managers need to consistently find new ways to use technology to their benefit. As part of our our marketing and sales tips series, we asked our audience for their thoughts on technology.

Here are the 10 tips we liked best.

 1. Capability is critical

“It doesn’t matter how flashy a demo is — any benefits technology that lacks integration capabilities with a business’ payroll, HRIS, and timekeeping system of record potentially leaves room for error and frustration.” Courtney Simpkiss, vice president of broker channel strategy, ADP

2.  Get online

“Clients are yearning to spend less time on the phone and more time online. Having this online presence to communicate with clients makes for a more interactive experience, engaging them each step of the way and providing easier accessibility.” Sally Poblete, founder, Wellthie

 3.  Provide transparent tools

Benefits providers and brokers should provide user-friendly tools to increase transparency when it comes to benefit options. Employees and employers can be overwhelmed by choices, but studies show tools like this are important, especially to younger workers.

4.  Easy access is necessary

“Consider hosting after-hours webinars, and make information available on a broker-hosted website or on the employer’s intranet. One side benefit to online access is information can be updated in real time, without the need for print updates that may be few and far between.” Rob Carnaroli, vice president of sales, Sutter Health Plus

 5.  Technology won’t solve everything

“Technology is so prevalent in the enrollment space today, but watch out for relying on technology as the one thing that will make or break enrollment. Technology is great for capturing data, but it won’t solve every problem and doesn’t change the importance of the other work you need to do.” Kathy O’Brien, vice president of voluntary benefits and national client group services, Unum

6. Know the Limits

“To be a truly consultative partner, a broker today must understand the benefits (as well as the limits) of technology.” Dayne Williams, CEO, PlanSource

7. Understanding technology is good, but adoption is better

“The broker industry is catching on, but in order to stay ahead of the curve, it will take more than just understanding technological advances being made in the insurance industry, it will mean adopting them.” Sally Poblete, founder, Wellthie

8. Big Data offers a big edge

“Firms who embrace the power of Big Data and analytics will certainly gain a competitive edge in growing their reputations as trusted HCM advisors.” Courtney Simpkiss, vice president of broker channel strategy, ADP

 9. Compliancy is key

“Compliance tools have to be an integral part of benefits and payroll technology. While it may be impossible for a technology provider to solve every problem facing HR, employers are going to demand that compliance, at a minimum, is an integrated, cohesive part of their tech experience.” Scott Carver, president, PlanSource

10. What does your online profile say about you?

“Buyers are somewhere between 60 percent and 90 percent of the way to a buying decision before they meet with a salesperson. What they learn about that salesperson during their online research will largely influence whether or not a face-to-face meeting ever takes place. Sure, it takes time and consistent effort to truly build an online brand, but now is your next best opportunity to get started and/or take that next step. Quick action: On your social medium of choice, find an article to share, comment on an article, or share an original idea of your own.” Kevin Trokey, partner and coach, Q4intelligence